Hello again

Hey everyone! Sorry i haven’t posted anything in ages but i haven’t really had anything to write about. Anyway now i do have some things to write about so here goes… We got into our netball final and we didn’t win 🙁 but we came 2nd which is really  good considering this is only our 1st year playing together and we only had two in our team that played club netball. In the school holidays i got to go to Thailand for 3 weeks which was really great and gave me a chance to relax and get a break from school which was nice. The weathers REALLY nice over there and is normally about 30 degress celcius. What has everyone else been up to? Anything exciting? If so leave a comment and tell me about it.

Happy Friday!

Hello again everyone. I’m really excited because tommorow i get to go see harry potter and the half blood prince with to of my friends Ebony and Libby YAY 🙂 . Netball was cancelled AGAIN yesterday because the other team cancelled 🙁 . What are you doing this weekend anything exciting? If so leave a comment telling me what it is.Whatver your doing have a good weekend.


Hey i just had P.E and we played soccer which was prettty boring coz i don’t really like soccer. My favourite sport is netball. I’m not sure why i like it so much but i guess it’s just because you get to use your hands alot and its a fast moving game. I play netball after school on thursadays which is today. I’m not sure if we can play today though coz some players are sick 🙁 . Whats your favourite sport? Leave a comment and tell me.

Hey People ;)

Hi this is my first post so i guess i should tell you a bit about myself. My name is Jess and i’m 12 years old. I live in Australia but i would love to visit America one day. I love reading and being with my friends and having sleepovers. Most of my friends go to other schools which is a shame because i’m really missing them this year :'(. I’m happy right now cause it’s Friday and Fridays my favourite day of the week. Whats your favourite day? Write a post and tell me or tell me about yourself.

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